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List of 54 medical schools whose students have attended The Prague Selective
USA: University of California at San Diego School of Medicine; University of Southern California School of Medicine; George Washington University School of Medicine; Albert Einstein Medical College, NY; State University of New York at Syracuse School of Medicine; State University of New York at Stony Brook School of Medicine; State University of New York at Buffalo School of Medicine; St. Louis University School of Medicine; New York College of Osteopathic Medicine; University of Rochester School of Medicine; University of Chicago - Rosalind Franklin School of Medicine; University of Cincinnati School of Medicine; New York Medical College; University of Utah School of Medicine; Midwestern University School of Medicine; Dartmouth Medical School; Western University College of Osteopathic Medicine, CA; Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine, NY; University of Medicine and Dentistry of NJ, School of Osteopathic Medicine; Foothill College School of Medicine; University of Texas Southwestern Medical School; University of Toledo College of Medicine; University of Nevada School of Medicine; Lake Erie College; Liberty University College; Rowan U. of Osteopathic Medicine; Duke University School of Medicine
International: University of Nottingham; St. Andrew’s University, Scotland; University of Eastern Australia; University of Tasmania; Queen’s University, Canada; University of Ottowa; Ponce School of Medicine, Puerto Rico; San Juan Batista School of Medicine, Puerto Rico; San Pablo CEU University, Puerto Rico; Universidad Central del Caribe, Puerto Rico; Universidad Central del Bayamon, Puerto Rico; University of Puerto Rico; Medical University of Silesia; Ege University, Turkey; Sumy State University, Ukraine; Vinnytsia National Medical University, Ukraine; Kharkiv National Medical University, Ukraine; Misr University for Science and Technology, Egypt; University of Indonesia; University College Dublin, Ireland; University of Amsterdam, Holland; St. George’s University, Grenada; St. George’s University/Northumbria program, Great Britain; University of Amsterdam; Lithuanian University of Health Sciences; Durham University, Great Britain; Monash School of Medicine, Australia

Director's greeting
Thank you for your interest in the Prague Selective "Introduction and Exploration of Issues in Clinical Medicine". This program, now in its 20th year, has emerged as the most popular program of its type, with over 1700 students from over 54 medical schools worldwide having attended the program.

For summer 2018, the Prague Selective shall run from Sunday July 8th to Friday July 27th.
Students in front of Homolka Hospital
Students in front of Homolka Hospital
The following sections will introduce you to the specifics of the Selective:
Director´s report ; Outline, Aims & Details ; Registration & Fees ; Arrival Tips & Instructions ; Czech Republic & Prague and Our Contacts

The Selective is registered and run through St. George’s University School of Medicine. Students who successfully complete the full program receive a Diploma Certificate which entitles them to 2 credit points in their transcript at most US and international medical schools.
The Selective is open to all medical students in good-standing in an accredited medical school and is geared for first and second-year students. Prior exposure to history-taking and physical diagnosis is strongly encouraged.

If, after reviewing all the materials, you wish to attend the Selective, then please register by clicking the “Registration” section of this website and following the instructions.


Martin Jan Stransky, MD FACP
Director, Prague Selective
Assistant Clinical Professor, Yale University School of Medicine
Director of Alumni Development, Visiting Professor, St. George’s University SOM

For Dr. Stransky´s bio, click here:
Prague castle
Prague castle