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List of 54 medical schools whose students have attended The Prague Selective
USA: University of California at San Diego School of Medicine; University of Southern California School of Medicine; George Washington University School of Medicine; Albert Einstein Medical College, NY; State University of New York at Syracuse School of Medicine; State University of New York at Stony Brook School of Medicine; State University of New York at Buffalo School of Medicine; St. Louis University School of Medicine; New York College of Osteopathic Medicine; University of Rochester School of Medicine; University of Chicago - Rosalind Franklin School of Medicine; University of Cincinnati School of Medicine; New York Medical College; University of Utah School of Medicine; Midwestern University School of Medicine; Dartmouth Medical School; Western University College of Osteopathic Medicine, CA; Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine, NY; University of Medicine and Dentistry of NJ, School of Osteopathic Medicine; Foothill College School of Medicine; University of Texas Southwestern Medical School; University of Toledo College of Medicine; University of Nevada School of Medicine; Lake Erie College; Liberty University College; Rowan U. of Osteopathic Medicine; Duke University School of Medicine
International: University of Nottingham; St. Andrew’s University, Scotland; University of Eastern Australia; University of Tasmania; Queen’s University, Canada; University of Ottowa; Ponce School of Medicine, Puerto Rico; San Juan Batista School of Medicine, Puerto Rico; San Pablo CEU University, Puerto Rico; Universidad Central del Caribe, Puerto Rico; Universidad Central del Bayamon, Puerto Rico; University of Puerto Rico; Medical University of Silesia; Ege University, Turkey; Sumy State University, Ukraine; Vinnytsia National Medical University, Ukraine; Kharkiv National Medical University, Ukraine; Misr University for Science and Technology, Egypt; University of Indonesia; University College Dublin, Ireland; University of Amsterdam, Holland; St. George’s University, Grenada; St. George’s University/Northumbria program, Great Britain; University of Amsterdam; Lithuanian University of Health Sciences; Durham University, Great Britain; Monash School of Medicine, Australia

Outline, aims and details
Medicine has an extremely strong and solid tradition in the Czech Republic, being first taught at Charles University in Prague 650 years ago. Currently, there exist elite centers of higher learning, along with medical societies such as the Purkinje Society, which provide a solid basis for further academic study. Prague itself is a leading world cultural capital.

This Selective, its syllabus and curriculum were approved by St. George’s University School of Medicine (SGUSOM) in the spring of 1998, with a pilot group of 21 students. The following year, the Selective was registered in the International Health Medical Education Consortium catalogue, making it available to medical students world-wide as a for-credit course.

The Selective has continues to increase in scope as well as popularity. To-date, approximately 1700 US and international medical students from 54 different medical schools worldwide (see list of institutions on our website) have attended the course. As a result of its status, the Ambassador of the United States to the Czech Republic as well as the Minister of Health of the Czech Republic are now regular participants in the program. Due to increased demand, student enrollment has been increased to 120 students.

Today, the Prague Selective is firmly established as one of the largest and most prestigious programs of its type in the world.

Students in the OB gyn suite
Students in the OB gyn suite
The program will enhance and broaden the thinking process of future physicians at a crucial stage in their development by exposing them to key insights regarding how physicians think as well as how they practice in different countries.

This is done via:
1. Introducing the student to adult and pediatric in and out-patient care, team discussions, teaching rounds, and patients and their care-givers. (Note: the aim here is NOT to enthrall the student with a wide variety of clinical-pathological cases or to cater to the student’s individual specialty interests, but to show the student clinical medicine as it is actually practiced in a foreign country, including routine work).

2. Introducing the student to the thinking process that clinicians use when examining and treating patients. Upon completion, the student should demonstrate familiarity with this process, be able to conduct a meaningful patient interview and detail the steps needed to formulate a differential diagnosis.

3. Introducing the student to medical care in a Central European country emerging from communist rule as well as to models if healthcare of other countries and comparing their strengths and weakness. Upon completion, students should be able to discuss the benefits and disadvantages of various healthcare systems, such as nationalized, socialized, and private medical care.

4. Developing and fostering contacts. Upon completion, students will have interacted and compared experiences with students from different medical schools, along with Czech medical students and personnel.

The Selective takes place over three weeks in July. The program is divided into morning and afternoon sessions. The morning sessions are M-Fri., from early morning till 12.30. Students are divided into groups with a max. of 8 students/group. All groups rotate through teaching hospitals under the guidance of an active physician preceptor. All preceptors are leaders in their field, and all are fluent in English. The students participate in patient exams and care, team rounds, and discussions with other students and staff. After each week, the group rotates to a different hospital.

Each group also participates in two to three afternoon seminars per week, during which principles of the history and thinking process of physicians as well as the various aspects of healthcare models are reviewed. On the last Friday, an oral and written (pass-fail) exam is administered. Complete attendance is a requirement for passing. All students fill out a questionnaire concerning their Selective experience, so that the Selective can be further improved. Student who successfully complete the Selective receive a signed Certificate of Completion and are eligible for 2 credit points to their medical transcripts per the medical school’s policy.

Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Term of Selective: For 2018, check-in is Sunday July 8 at 3pm at Národní třída number 9. The last day of the Selective is Friday July 27.

Registration and fees: Please refer to the registration section of this website.

Eligibility: Students from all semesters are eligible. Prior exposure to basic physical diagnosis and clinical skills is strongly encouraged.

Visas: USA citizens do not need a visa to enter the Czech Republic. Citizens from other countries should obtain information regarding possible visa requirements. A list of countries from which a visa is required for entry into the Czech Republic is at this webpage.

Selective students
Selective students
Enrollment: Maximum of 120 students. Lists are filled on a first-come basis.

Attendance: Attendance to all morning and afternoon sessions is mandatory for a passing grade. All students are issued attendance cards in Prague, which the instructors sign on a daily basis. These cards are turned at the final exam.

Diploma certificate:Those students who complete the attendance and exam course requirements are issued a signed Diploma Certificate at the end of their final exam, which counts for 2 Credit Hours to the student’s transcript at most medical schools.

Participating medical facilities in Prague:
Karlovo Náměstí Hospital, First Medical Faculty, Charles University School of Medicine
Motol Hospital, Second Medical Faculty, Charles University School of Medicine
Vinohrady Hospital, Third Medical Faculty, Charles University School of Medicine
Thomayerova hospital, Charles University School of Medicine
Homolka Hospital
Central Military Hospital (Vojenská nemocnice)
Clinic at U Apolináře
Hospital at Na Františku
Hospital at Pod Petřínem
Rheumatologic Institute at Slupi
Polyclinic at Národní (site of afternoon lectures; adjacent to Selective offices)

Principal faculty:
MUDr. Martin Jan Stransky, MD, FACP, (SGUSOM ’83), Selective Director
Robert Helman, MD (SGUSOM’93), MUDr. Milan Šašek, MD, chief afternoon Preceptors
Physician Associates, Polyclinic at Národní
Attending clinical faculty (approx. 40 members), Charles University School of Medicine and other institutions.

Students with Dr. Kalvach at the department of Neurology of Vinohrady Hospital
Students with Dr. Kalvach at the department of Neurology of Vinohrady Hospital
Prague offers numerous housing options. Students are encouraged to make their arrangements early! There is no single address that is close to all Selective locations, but booking near the center of Prague provides easy access to all locations. The following is a list of recommended contacts for booking your housing arrangements:
General information:
Hostel reservations:
Apartment reservations:
For general map of Prague:

Air travel and sample expenses:
Currently, Delta airlines provide the only direct flights from North America (NYC) to Prague. The earlier you book, the cheaper the ticket is! Contact is Cost of a RT ticket is approx. 1200 USD. A hostel room in Prague is approx. 30 USD/day. Cab fare from the airport to Prague is 30 USD per cab. A ride on the metro and tram costs 1.50 USD. Average lunch and dinner cost 15/30 USD respectively. A beer costs 1.50 USD.

All students must check-in at the offices of the Selective Director, where they receive a brief orientation, their group assignments, and other materials.

For 2018, check-in for Prague is Sunday July 8, 3 p.m. at Národní třída, number 9. Upon check-in, ALL students must be prepared to show a copy of health insurance regarding emergency care to cover the student during the Selective period, as well as documentation of vaccinations for Hepatitis B, mumps, measles, rubella vaccinations and negative TB testing. These are hospital requirements, failure to do so means that you may not be allowed into the hospitals.

Attire: Ward attire is collar shirt and tie for men and blouse and skirt/pants for ladies. Students should also bring white scrubs + white sandals as many students (but not all) will rotate through surgeries. We regret that we can not create assignments in advance.

Selective administrative offices and contacts:
Selective Director: MUDr. Martin Jan Stransky, MD, FACP (SGUSOM ’83),
Selective Secretary: Jitka Bayerova Tel.: 222 075 101; Fax: 224 215 059 (from overseas, dial 00420 before all numbers). Email:
Selective offices: Narodni 9, Prague 1, 110 00 Czech Republic
Selective web site:

Selective Director in Grenada: Dr Stransky is usually on campus in Grenada for a week in the Spring and Fall. An email is sent in advance to all interested students and registrants informing them of the exact time of his arrivals and meetings.
Old town square
Old town square